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John Guest Cartridge System Components – ADEY Professional Heating Solutions

ADEY Professional Heating Solutions is the UK’s leading manufacturer of magnetic filters for the maintenance and protection of central heating systems. ADEY has trusted John Guest Speedfit’s push-fit technology to enhance their magnetic filter performance by allowing installers to fit the product in less than a minute.

In relation to the need for quicker installation time ADEY made contact with John Guest to see how the push-fit technology could be best incorporated into the outline design. 

The engineering teams of both companies collaborated, from the R&D stage, in order to manage the integration of the selected John Guest Speedfit 22mm plastic half cartridge technology.

Thanks to the utilisation of the John Guest push-fit concept, ADEY’s magnetic filter delivers a quick installation feature, which also allows the assembly process to be improved, with installations taking no longer than one minute to complete.


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