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The JG Speedfit system of push-fit fittings and barrier, cross-linked polyethylene (BPEX) pipe is excellent for the plumbing of hot and cold water services in boats, yachts and commercial ships. No specialist tools or hot works are required and the push-fit system ensures that fast installation times are achievable.


One unique application of the Twist and Lock fittings demonstrates their versatility, as they will help provide potable water at sea. Loughborough Marine Interests, LLC (LMI), a Newport, R.I.-based company specializing in yacht refit, repair, construction and coordination services, chose to install Speedfit Twist and Lock fittings on a water system in the “Elizabeth Reid,” a luxury express sport fisherman expected to launch in fall 2008.

“We are building a 48-ft sport fisherman for a client, and this is what we are using for the watermaker,” said David Loughborough, partner, LMI. They are using the T fittings to “T-off” the various appliances, whether a sink tap, showerhead or washdown pump, from the main front lines running through the boat.

What attracted LMI to install these fittings on the “Elizabeth Reid” was “the neatness with which it can be installed, and also the push-lock aspect of it,” Loughborough said. “They have gone to some lengths to ensure that stuff can be installed and keep it looking neat. Aesthetics is important.”

Ease of installation is another key benefit of the Twist and Lock fittings. “It couldn’t be any simpler,” Loughborough said. “Most of the fittings that you find on pumps, hot water heater tanks, stuff like that, have made provisions for connection to these guys.”