Key Underfloor Heating Components

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Speedfit Underfloor Heating is suitable for domestic and light commercial applications from new builds to extensions, conservatories, loft conversions and low profile retrofits.

All of our systems are compatible with conventional heating systems and renewable heat sources such as air and ground source heat pumps, solar panels and condensing boilers. All Speedfit Underfloor Heating systems are supplied to specification and consist of high quality and dependable products.  A summary of key components can be found below.


Pipe floor solutions

No matter what type of floor or space you are working with we have a wide range of pipe fixing systems offering great heat distribution. All of our pipes fixing systems use ultra flexible JG Layflat® pipe and connect to the manifold using our trusted Speedfit push-fit fittings making installation quick and easy.

Barrier pipe

JG Layflat® pipe is made from a soft material with little memory, making it ideal for laying underfloor heating pipe circuits. Made from Polybutylene, the 15mm pipe has an inner barrier to stop the ingress of oxygen molecules and is approved by British Gas for water pipe in vented and sealed central heating systems. Lays flat, stays flat, ultra flexible tag line


Manufactured to the highest standard, our manifolds are made from stainless steel and are available in a range of sizes from 2 to 12 zones. All manifolds come fitted with brackets and a vibration isolation mount. A unique feature is that pipe connections are all made with easy to use Speedfit push-fit fittings. Integrated within the manifold rail is a pre-assembled automatic air vent, filling valve and flow rate indicators for adjusting flow and isolating the pipe circuit.

Actuator valves

Controlled by a thermostat or programmer, Actuator Valves operate to open of close an individual circuit on the manifold

Control pack

Used to mix and control water temperature, Speedfit’s lightweight control pack connects directly to the manifold without the need of extra brackets or support. The nickel-plated control pack consists of a mixing valve, circulating pump, return elbow, manifold adaptor and all necessary seals. Speedfit push-fit pipe connections can be made from the side or below the manifold. The pack also isolates all system components for maintenance purposes.

Heating control

JG Aura’s unique 4-in-1 thermostat enables remote regulation of underfloor heating, radiators and hot water. We have a wide range of options from easy to use 230v dial thermostats to wireless programmable devices that can be controlled by your smart phone, tablet or computer via the JG Aura App.