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Stiles Residence in Matamata



Having already completed one project using J.G. underfloor heating products, it was a decision John Stiles did not have to think too hard about for his next one. John learned a lot about the European double pour slab technique on his first project and was determined to improve on this with his next house.

He chose the same heating contractor for this project but gave As-Spec’s Mark Hassell full control over the energy management system this time instead of allowing the solar company to dictate energy direction. John is a big fan of renewable energy and prefers to keep his fossil fuel burning to a bare minimum, so he settled on using a thermal store system combined with a stand-alone hot water cylinder and a Gas fired back up. The thermal store is heated by solar panels in the day time and backed up with a wood burning boiler at night or on days where solar gain is minimal.

John used a double timber bottom plate on top of the structural floor slab which meant that all the walls were accurately mapped out on top of the slab; he then glued in place a high density Styrofoam board to which the UFH tubes were stapled, and over that a second pour was cast up to the second wall plate level making the sandwich complete. The finished result is that John has a very controllable system that enables him to accurately isolate room temperatures, which are very much hit and miss with the standard monolithic slab technique used more commonly throughout N.Z.

Using this technique also results in a quicker reacting floor temperature and reduced energy usage.

John Guest energy saving products were also employed in the domestic hot and cold water system using 10mm tube and rocket manifolds to deliver water to the point of use, reducing the volume of water wasted waiting for hot water to reach the outlet and left standing in the pipe after the outlet has been closed.