Residential Property in Salcombe Case Study

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    Take control and reduce energy bills with JG Aura Wireless TRVs

Residential Property in Salcombe Case Study

Take control and reduce energy bills with JG Aura Wireless TRVs


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Peter Fitzcharles was looking to retrofit an energy efficient heating solution in his home to complement his lifestyle and deliver cost savings without compromising comfort. Set in the prime waterfront town of Salcombe in Devon, the large detached property spread out over three floors consists of five bedrooms and extensive living space.

With the house primarily used as a holiday home there is no need for every single room to be heated all of the time. A flexible programmable heating solution was required to manage the distribution of heat and to integrate with existing radiators.


Reduce energy bills without compromising comfort

Following an onsite consultation with JG Speedfit’s Technical Manager, Peter decided the JG Aura Wireless TRV heating control system offered him the best solution. Not only does it give him greater control it also integrates easily with the existing radiators and can be installed without damaging the interior. By only heating rooms in use to the desired temperature the solution will deliver considerable energy and cost savings.

A simple installation with minimal fuss

As this was a retrofit, Speedfit specified twelve battery powered JG Aura Wireless Thermostats (rather than the 230v mains wired version) that do not require any wiring. The stylish thermostats are also freestanding which means the homeowner can place them anywhere in the room that is convenient. The battery powered JG Aura Wireless TRVs took less than a few minutes to fit per device. No wiring or wet plumbing was required as the smart TRVs simply replace the existing TRV heads and automatically adapt to find the open and close limits of the pin mechanism.

A JG Aura Boiler Receiver was fitted so that when the wireless thermostat calls for heat the device switches on the boiler. When the desired room temperature is reached the boiler receiver turns the boiler off. Although this was the only part of the job that required tools, it was very easy to fit as it utilises the existing boiler wiring.

Seamless wireless network

Once the twelve TRVs and boiler receiver were installed, it was time to pair the system using an intelligent device called the JG Aura Coordinator, which automatically completed the process in minutes. With the seamless network created and connected to the programmable thermostats, the system now turns off the flow of hot water to the radiator and will only open and allow the radiator to get hot when the thermostat communicates with it.

A smarter way to control heating

The finishing touch was to download the free JG Aura App onto an iPhone and iPad so that the homeowner can control and monitor their heating from anywhere. End to end the entire installation took less that 2 hours and caused minimal disruption.



“Many of the rooms are not used all of the time so being able to control which radiators are heated will undoubtedly deliver energy and cost savings. The JG Aura App is a terrific gadget as it allows me to remotely monitor and control my heating. When I leave the house in the morning it is warm and during the day I can remotely monitor and adjust the heat as needed. In fact, I am so impressed with the JG Aura App that I keep showing it off to my friends and colleagues.”








Residential, Salcombe

Tech Support:

Nigel Sanger, JG Speedfit

Project Type:


Project Size:

5-bed Detached House


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