North Lodge Case Study

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  • North Lodge Case Study

    Comfort with JG Aura and JG Underfloor

North Lodge Case Study

Comfort with JG Aura and JG Underfloor


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Built by GPC Services, the recently constructed North Lodge house is well located in the heart of the picturesque Welsh Capital, right next to the colossal site of the gorgeous Cardiff Castle. The house has a total quadrature of 121.09m2 and comprises of a master bedroom, kitchen, lounge, hall and a utility room.

In view of being as energy efficient as possible, the ultimate solution for heat distribution throughout the house would be underfloor heating. The UFH concept alone offers great system control, concentrates warmth where needed for comfort and efficiency, and allows for further energy bill cuts. Naturally, to boost the energy-saving advantages of such a system an efficient heating controls technology is also required.


JG Underfloor

Supplied by JG Speedfit, the UFH system for the North Lodge house was installed with the JG staple technology.

The staple system is among the several alternatives JG Speedfit offers for solid floor installations. It is suitable where large areas need to be covered and is ideal for rooms with an irregular shape. Using the screed as a heat diffuser, the pipe was secured with staples to rigid insulation panels placed over the concrete subfloor.

The system installer, Gavin Thomas of GT Heating, was delighted with the after-sales support JG Speedfit provided, commenting that the CAD drawings he received and the on-site visits from the JG technical team helped him immensely during all stages of the project as it was the first time he had installed a UFH system. He was also impressed with how easy it was to uncoil and handle the JG Layflat® pipe, describing it as “a wonderful product saving time and hassle”. 

JG Aura Heating Controls

Efficient system control throughout the North Lodge house is ensured by JG Aura – the new heating controls range by JG Speedfit.

The system provides the capability of controlling multiple zones, enabling the homeowner to set heating time and temperature within each individual room resulting in considerable energy savings. This is enabled by JG Aura’s capability to simultaneously manage Underfloor Heating circuits, hot water supply and individual radiators.

The set up of the JG Aura network at the North Lodge house took minutes, as the JG Coordinator scanned and paired most components instantaneously – both of the large UFH manifolds downstairs as well as the upstairs radiator circuits were paired in minutes.

For the added benefit of controlling the system through a smart device, the JG Hub was installed providing an internet enable system. The only thing left to do was to download the JG Aura App on the homeowner’s smart phone and tablet, which allows for swift system control from anywhere and at any time of the day.

As Gavin pointed out, having the JG Hub installed and the JG Aura App downloaded means it is less expensive and more convenient than having to purchase a dedicated controller at an unreasonable price.





North Lodge, North Rd, Cardiff


GPC Services

Tech Support:

Nigel Sanger, Speedfit

Project Type:

New Build

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UFH, Heating Controls