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Clague House



Jeff Clague was always going to heat his dream home using underfloor heating, but he was determined to do it the European way by using a construction slab with an insulation overlay and a composite screed topping slab. This is different from the traditional Kiwi way of embedding it within the monolithic slab without zone separation.

His builder, Kevin Knowles, was very receptive to Jeff’s requirements and also instrumental in putting together an acceptable solution for the slab detail before the project got out off the ground and assessing the ideal John Guest controls package.

It was quite clear from brief discussions and on first sight of the preliminary construction plans, that this was to be no ordinary dwelling and would require a great deal of time and temperature control. The system comprised of 6 manifolds with 22 individual control zones, making the John Guest 12 volt network system an obvious choice as it features a centralized touch pad to enable the whole system to be managed from one point.

The heating contract was awarded to Nick Gregory from Continental Heating here in Auckland. Nick provided a solution on the integration of the primary heat source, which was to be Diesel, with a high spec solar hot water thermal store and hot water system.

From the very start, the JG technical support team followed the project with great interest. The project was even the focus of a visit from Mr Robert Guest while he was here on vacation during the summer.

Jeff was delighted with his underfloor heating, commenting, “I think the John Guest system is excellent, and their ‘desire’ to do the job properly commendable”. The project shows how important it is to ensure that the right level of insulation is used and the importance of incorporating zonal heating control. Jeff is delighted that the house now doesn’t actually require much heating and when it does, he has decides where it is needed.