Bilton Field Farms, Warwickshire, UK

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Bilton Field Farms, Rugby, Warwickshire, UK

Nestled on the outskirts of the market town of Rugby, Warwickshire, you’ll find the new residential development, Bilton Fields Farm. Featuring 12 luxury homes, it is surrounded by mature woodland and offers breathtaking rural views. Steeped in history, this sleepy estate will appeal to commuters and professionals who want to live in an exclusive countryside property, whilst having easy access to Rugby.

The project

Sustainability and traceability sit at the core of the Bilton Fields Farm project, with every material being sustainably sourced. These materials include a zinc roof, charred timber cladding, farmhouse bricks and aluminium framed floors. Additionally, the design of each home puts green living at its core, with underfloor heating, a structural insulated panels (SIP) system and appliances with A-rated energy performance.

The architectural design of each house consists of a two-storey ‘heart’ structure across two wings, offering versatile living options. The modern, barn-style design of each home reflects the stunning nature that surrounds it – floor to ceiling windows allow natural light to flood each room, bringing the outdoors inside. Additionally, each house has a private landscaped driveway, triple glazing, Google Nest detectors, and a Ring video doorbell to ensure ultimate peace of mind.

RWC’s involvement

Each home oozes luxury and is spread out over 3,000 square feet. The clean, modern and luxurious design of the kitchens and bathrooms make these developments incredibly desirable. Featuring modern appliances, sleek white surfaces, and a minimalist barn style look, these rooms are stunning to behold.

The contractors at C D Northage were responsible for plumbing in the kitchen and bathrooms in each house, as well as installing underfloor heating on both floors, and knew that high quality and reliable pipes, valves and fittings were paramount.

Installed throughout the homes are JG Underfloor Heating System’s (UFH), chosen by C D Northage due to its quality, energy efficiency and ease of installation. Having previously used JG Underfloor Heating System’s, they found that it reduces longer term maintenance issues, and the components are easy and efficient to work with. With the pipework hidden beneath the floor, more interior design space is available, and homeowners also benefit from reduced heating bills as a consistent temperature is maintained and cold spots are eliminated.

All the properties also have JG Speedfit’s push-to-connect pipes, valves and fittings installed, allowing hot and cold water to flow safely. Additionally, each basin and shower is fitted with a Reliance Valves Easifit TMV to remain compliant with compliant with the UK’s Part G of the Building Regulations to ensure users are not at risk of being scalded.

“We always install JG Underfloor systems because of the quality of products, ease of installation and the support we receive throughout. When plastic plumbing systems are required, we always use JG Speedfit and now include their range of Reliance Valves too.”

Chris Northage, Managing Director of C D Northage



Bilton Field Farms, Rugby, Warwickshire, UK

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