Acomb Methodist Church Case Study

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  • Acomb Methodist Church Case Study

    An easy way to integrate heating controls with existing radiators – JG Aura TRVs

Acomb Methodist Church Case Study

An easy way to integrate heating controls with existing radiators – JG Aura TRVs


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Acomb Methodist Church in York has been based in the same location for over 50 years. To mark the anniversary, the church launched a new vision to better serve the community by creating a more welcoming and supportive environment. One aspect involves re insulating the church and installing an energy efficient heating solution to reduce carbon footprint.

With an extensive property comprising a church, chapel, hall, parlour, garden room and numerous meeting rooms, Acomb Methodist Church required a solution that offers energy savings without compromising comfort. D Blissett & Son were commissioned to install a flexible radiator control system that could be integrated with existing radiators and a new boiler.


A radiator system with greater control

Working with a JG Speedfit Technical Sales Engineer, D Blissett & Son decided the best solution for regulating the temperature to existing radiator stock was to install JG Aura Wireless TRVs and heating controls.

By combining the TRVs with a JG Aura Wireless Thermostat, the caretaker can easily control the time and temperature of radiators in individual rooms. When a room needs heat the thermostat sends a signal to turn on the boiler and open the TRV, once that room reaches the desired temperature the thermostat sends a signal, to switch the boiler and TRV off.

Smart heating controls

With the caretaker and staff living off site, the free JG Aura App gives them the flexibility to control the heating no matter where they are. The App can be accessed via a smart phone, tablet or desktop.

Quick and easy installation

D Blissett & Son found the battery powered JG Aura Wireless TRVs quick and easy to install – no wiring or wet plumbing is required as the TRVs simply replace the existing radiator valves. It took less than 30 minutes to fit all 28 JG Aura TRVs.

To control the temperature, fourteen 230v mains powered JG Aura Wireless Thermostats were installed and again the process was simple, as they are easy to wire with just two L&N connections per device. Finally, a JG Aura Boiler Receiver was fitted to communicate with the boiler.

Seamless wireless network

The JG Aura Coordinator was used to automatically pair all the components to the wireless network. This was achieved in seconds as it simply plugs into a mains socket. The next step was to set each thermostat to pair with a TRV (max 3 TRVs per stat). Pressing the button on the corresponding TRV for 10 seconds completed the process. Once registered on the thermostat the coordinator locked the TRVs on to the network. All that was left to do was to set up the heating programme.



JG Aura Wireless TRVs and heating controls are an ideal solution for retrofits. As well as the stylish appearance, the TRVs and thermostats combine to give an energy efficient radiator control system. The installation went smoothly and Speedfit were on hand to provide first-class technical support. I work on a number of school projects that could benefit from this system and therefore look forward to installing this system again in the near future.








Acomb Church


D Blissett & Son

Tech Support:

Terry Hill & Stephen
Thompson, Speedfit

Project Type:

Retrofit – Large Church


TRVs & Heating Controls