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Plastic Push-fit Pipe and Accessories

Approved by British Gas for water pipe in vented and sealed central heating systems, JG Speedfit plastic pipe is available in a variety of sizes in straight lengths or coils.

Speedfit’s Layflat Polybutylene Pipe is made from an ultra-flexible material that makes running long pipe runs and cabling through joists quicker and simpler. Whereas, Speedfit’s PEX Pipe is ideal for short runs where a harder pipe material is an advantage.

Both barrier pipes are made with five layers, the centre of which is a blue coloured oxygen barrier, which prevents the ingress of air, reducing the effect of corrosion on metal components. Due to its low thermal conductivity, when carrying hot water, Speedfit pipe is cooler and safer to touch.

Speedfit also offer pipe in pipe and conduit pipe.

For more information and advice on plastic push-fit pipe and specialist cutting tools and accessories, click through into the individual product pages.

View our 10, 15, 22 & 28mm Pipe and Accessories

10, 15, 22 & 28mm Pipe and Accessories