Zone your home in time for winter

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Building your future family home, or a property to retire in? In our latest blog, we share tips on how zonal heating can help in harnessing the efficiency of smart controls in time for colder weather.

With winter just a few months away, temperatures are dropping, and we’ll soon be turning to our thermostats to kick the heating into gear. In this blog, we share some tips on how you can avoid overloading your heating bills by embracing smart heating technology that offers enhanced user comfort and more efficient energy usage.


Zone for greater control

Daily heating requirements differ from person to person, family to family, highlighting the need for smart thinking before installing smart heating in a domestic environment. It is also essential to understand that the benefits of smart heating controls can only be realised if they are carefully set up to suit end-users’ lifestyle and heating needs.

One of the most efficient ways to install a smart heating system is by zoning the house. This enables installers and homeowners to carve out different areas within a building, so they can be heated at different times and temperatures. Zonal heating helps in optimising energy consumption by allowing homeowners to heat up only rooms in use. Here are some top tips to bear in mind about zoning to get the most benefit out of your smart heating system.


Know where’s best

Traditionally we used one thermostat to manage heating in the entire house, but zoning a house means installing individual thermostats for rooms/ areas of the house that will be used at the same time. Every house and its layout is different, so installers and homeowners should work together to map out the zones. For example, in some houses, an open-plan kitchen dinner will be a single zone, so it only needs one thermostat.

Also, the positioning of the thermostat plays a crucial role in achieving energy efficiency. For example, placing the thermostat in an area that gets a constant stream of cold air, such as by a front door, will identify lower temperature and trigger the heating regularly. So, installers should carefully identify a suitable location for placement of the thermostats. Our JG Aura smart heating controls range offers both wired and wireless thermostats for ultimate flexibility, allowing homeowners to install smart heating without the need for additional electrical works.


Multiple thermostats are better than one

A common mistake made by installers is to overwork the thermostat – controlling multiple zones with one unit. This practice can lead to inefficient heating as the thermostat only picks up the temperature of the room where it’s placed.

Different rooms often require different temperatures at different times, for example, bathrooms need to be warmer in the morning to avoid getting out of the shower into a cold room and living rooms may need to be heated in the evenings when settling down in front of the TV.

With smart heating controls such as JG Aura – that can be managed from any device – you can control heating in individual rooms by installing an individual thermostat. This allows you to set heating schedules and temperatures according to the usage of each room to achieve improved energy efficiency and performance.


Timing is everything

Timing is key to smart heating. For any smart heating solution to work effectively it is essential to schedule heating timings according to users’ lifestyle. Like our JG Aura heating controls allow homeowners to set heating schedules from their devices from anywhere, at any time. Meaning you could turn on the heating if you are reaching home earlier than your scheduled time.

Installers should take the responsibility of educating the homeowners about smart usage of their smart heating controls so they can achieve maximum energy savings.

Keeping warm without compromising on cost is one of the biggest challenge homeowners face in winters. So, plan your zones, make use of multiple thermostats and activate time and temperature controls for effective use of smart heating controls and your home will be ready for the colder months to roll in.


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