Why homeowners should invest in underfloor heating

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Underfloor heating (UFH) has never been more affordable and attractive to homeowners and renovators. It is hidden away from view, cheaper, and more energy efficient. However, it is often misunderstood and shrouded in mystery.

Here’s why homeowners should invest in underfloor heating:


Even distribution of heat


UFH uses radiant heat, which is the most comfortable form of heating. It gives an even distribution of warmth over the whole room as the heat is transferred through the floor.

Radiators, on the other hand, transfer energy using convection. This heats the air above and around the radiator at a much higher temperature, and this warm air rises. This gives an uneven distribution of heat and also makes the floor the coolest place in the room.


Heating, only where needed!


JG Speedfit Underfloor solves this issue of heating the whole house when only a few rooms are in use by enabling zonal heating control. This is achieved by combining UFH with existing or new radiator systems throughout the property, using the JG Aura smart heating controls range.

This means that you can easily control the heating in each zone, so only parts of the house in use, are heated.


Extra space


Underfloor heating systems are out of sight allowing for more space for interior design and a clean decorative finish. This means you can utilise the space of the room to the best of your ability.


Cheaper bills


Did you know UFH can substantially cut heating bills and energy consumption?

Because UFH systems distribute radiant heat, the boiler needs to heat the water to a much lower temperature when compared to radiators. Heat is also retained within the floor, and this in turn makes the boiler much more efficient.


Less noise


By going away from noisy and bulky radiators prone to leakages, UFH provides a relaxing and tranquil environment. It is virtually silent to run, so there will be no background sound bothering you.


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