Why plastic push-fit plumbing is crucial in the utility room

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As plumbers and installers, we’re used to getting into tight and awkward positions. This is especially true of the utility room, which often has every single essential appliance in it: the washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer, outside tap connection, sinks and many more! In this article, we will discuss why plastic push-fit plumbing is crucial in the utility room.

In order to install some of the vital second fix plumbing here, it is necessary to be flexible and efficient. Copper plumbing, for a long time, has been traditionally used in this small space and naturally, comes with its time-consuming disadvantages. Switching to plastic for these spaces, is key to reducing time, effort and success of plumbing the utility room.

Flexing is the way forward

One leading interior designer, Pete Tonks, said that the ideal size for a utility room would be 7.2m², but most utility rooms tend to be considerably less. The tighter the utility room, the less space there is for pipes and fittings, and the more complex the job becomes.

Copper plumbers can often find the utility room a bit of a nightmare. The rigid, inflexible pipes do not lend themselves to tight spaces and if a joint needs to be made, a solder and blowtorch must be used around the wooden cupboards. Not only can this damage the cupboard’s interior, but it can lead to risk of fire.

Copper pipes can also be unsightly for homeowners who use this room. When cold water runs through the copper pipes in winter, and condensation occurs on the outside of the pipe – this is called ‘sweating.’ Not only do homeowners have to clean the pipes regularly, it can also lead to mould. This would be a potential headache to plumbers and can result in damaged reputation if people regularly complain about ‘sweating.’

However plastic push-fit fittings & pipe, like those in the JG Speedfit range, do not suffer from these issues. With a push-fit system connections can be made with a simple twist & lock mechanism. For appliances where the connection points can vary from machine to machine, these plastic-push fit fittings reduce installation times by up to 40% against traditional methods. This is particularly useful in the confined spaces found in the utility room!

Homeowners appreciate the efficiency of plastic push-fit plumbing

With any appliance stop valves need to be installed for isolating water supply, so that repairs and services can be conducted without stopping the mains water supply for the entire house. With the limited space, crowding a lot of fittings may not even be possible. Again, plastic push-fit fittings really shine in this situation.

The specialised second fix push-fit range brings together different functions into one fitting that saves space and installation time. For example, double check valves combined with service valves for outside taps can save a lot of space under the sink. There are also lever-operated shut off valves, hand-operated shut off taps, or screwdriver-operated valves that can shut off water supply with a single turn.

The overall advantage of combination second fix fittings is the flexibility they bring to a job, this is especially true to installers working in varied utility room sizes.

Finally, the flexible push-fit plumbing techniques and materials ensure that you complete any job in an efficient manner. The last thing a homeowner wants is to have to lose a day of their time ‘supervising’ the plumber.


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