Make kitchen plumbing simple and easy with the right pipes, valves and fittings

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According to LABC Warranty’s analysis of UK house sizes, the average house built from 2010 onwards is 4m² smaller than those built the decade prior. One room that’s feeling the crunch is the kitchen, which has shrunk from an average 15.2m² in the 1960s to a current average of just 12.6m².

While modern-day consumers and housing developers may be compromising on size, they’re not compromising on luxury, and want more and more out of their kitchens. All of this builds up pressure on the P&H installers who need to plumb all appliances and fixtures, whilst concealing pipework behind cabinets and walls.

In this blog, we will highlight how modern plumbing solutions such as push-fit fittings, flexible pipes and valves can simplify installations in these compact spaces.

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Innovative, smart products save space under the sink


In most projects, the hot and cold water supply is fed in from underneath the kitchen sink, which is then connected to several appliances. This means the limited space under the sink can get crowded very quickly and make the job a logistical nightmare.

Push-fit fittings and flexible Layflat pipe from our JG Speedfit brand are the perfect solution to these jobs. The Layflat pipe, available in long length coils can bend and flex behind the cabinets to enable a fast and easy connection to appliances.

From check valves to elbows, tees and flexi hoses and more, we offer a range of push-fit products to help simplify installations under the kitchen sink.

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Simplifying second fix installations


From plumbed-in American style fridge-freezers, boiling hot water taps, to integrated coffee machines or dishwashers, there are an increasing number of second fix appliances to install in modern kitchens. However, these installations can be notoriously complex, as each of the appliances and fixtures need their individual connections and service valves for future repair and maintenance jobs.

Installers often find themselves struggling in tight spaces while installing all the various components. This is where push-fit technology really shows its value, as leakproof connections can be achieved simply by pushing the pipe into the fitting, without the need for tools or hot works.

Our market leading JG Speedfit brand offers a wide range of push-fit fittings, service valves, and 2-in-1 appliance taps and valves that make these second-fix jobs fast and easy.

The 2-in-1 appliance taps and valves are specially designed to simplify the second fix kitchen installations. They feature a built-in water isolation function and remove the need to install a separate isolation valve and connector for appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. These fittings connect directly to the appliance on one end and have a push-fit connection on the other side for the feeding pipework.

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Backflow prevention made simple


To comply with water regulations, appropriate backflow prevention valves need to be fitted to the mains water supply in the kitchen. This is because several appliances and fixtures can cause backflow, these range from external hosepipes, washing machines and dishwashers to kitchen sink taps. Wastewater from these areas can carry anything from stagnant water from garden pools to cleaning chemicals, all of which can present a serious health hazard if they enter the mains water supply.

To ensure adequate protection from backflow, a Double Check Valve should be installed with outlets that pose a greater risk of back-siphonage. This type of valve allows the water to flow in only one direction and features two internal valves to provide additional safety. If one fails, the other can still prevent backflow.

The brass and plastic push-fit double check valves from our JG Speedfit and SharkBite brands are compact and lightweight – and offer a no-tools installation to fast-track these jobs. We also offer a push-fit Double-Check Service Valve that features a built-in water isolation function, making it a 2-in1 valve that offers additional benefits while carrying out repair and maintenance work.

JG Speedfit Double Check Service Valve


Fast-track kitchen installations with innovative plumbing products


From domestic builds to commercial projects, the current economic climate means plumbers are expected to complete more jobs in less time. Additionally, customer expectation and tighter-spaces make installations even more complex.

Modern, innovative solutions such as push-fit technology help solve these challenges, whilst aiding an efficient installation. At RWC, we are with you all the way to help with selecting a range of time-saving and reliable products to complete any job. So, get in touch with our team of technical experts who can help in simplifying your next kitchen plumbing project.


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