Underfloor Heating

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Six considerations for smart heating installation

November 03 2016

Smart heating is fast becoming the norm, with every man and his dog wanting to be able to remotely control their heating, particularly as the cold winter nights draw in. However, when it comes to designing new house builds, or improving older homes, the energy efficiency of smart heating is just as valuable as the convenience it provides to the homeowner.

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3 ways CAD is helping to make UFH installation easier for everyone

February 17 2017

We understand that an installer’s job is difficult enough without having to make changes half way through a job. Often…

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5 reasons to choose plastic plumbing fittings & pipe

April 03 2017

Bronze, copper and iron are out and plastic plumbing is in, as plumbers and installers continue to look for more durable and easy-to-install materials.

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Breathe new life into your plumbing techniques this easter

April 12 2017

We explore some of the small things you can do which will have a big impact on your plumbing techniques over this Easter. Discover Speedfit Advice & Help.

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5 health benefits of underfloor heating

May 11 2017

Installers have a responsibility to educate their customers about the positive health-related impact of underfloor heating in their home.

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5 ways JG Speedfit is helping you out of tight space plumbing projects

May 31 2017

We’ve all been there. You turn up to one of your first-fix plumbing projects only to discover that the space you have to work in is extremely tight and difficult to work in.

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Future plumbing trends: what’s in the pipeline?

July 11 2017

If there’s one thing you can guarantee in the plumbing industry, it’s that change is always just around the corner….

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Efficient planning to avoid common underfloor heating mistakes

August 02 2017

John Guest Speedfit share some common mistakes that could lead to an ineffective Underfloor Heating system performance and how installers can avoid them.

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New installer habits means new plumbing opportunities

August 15 2017

John Guest Speedfit explore how a plumbing installer can take their service to the next level by adopting a few simple habits such as using push-fit fittings.

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Why plastic continues to push boundaries in modern kitchen installations

October 16 2017

As kitchen installations become increasingly difficult, many installers are turning to plastic push-fit components for a professional and simple installation.

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Part L for installers – good idea to play by the rules?

November 01 2017

By legislating for best practice in heating controls with Part L, energy savings can be maximised which is the purpose of legislation in the first place.

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How to ensure a leak-proof push-fit connection

November 13 2017

After decades of successful performance, enhanced by ongoing innovation and improvement from our engineers, we’re confident that the JG Speedfit push-fit design is built to last and always creates a leak-proof push-fit connection when installed correctly.

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Why UFH is the most effective heating source for buildings

November 24 2017

Over the past few years, Underfloor Heating (also known as UFH) has undergone a bit of a transformation. From something that was once seen as a luxury, has grown in popularity and is now very much part of the mainstream.

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Typical underfloor heating mistakes and how to avoid them – during installation

January 10 2018

In our previous blog post on common UFH mistakes, we discussed why proper planning for Underfloor Heating (UFH) installation is so important, but it’s not just at the early stages where mistakes can be made.

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7 common Speedfit plumbing and heating questions answered

January 18 2018

As a world-leading plumbing systems provider of plastic pipes and fittings, every day we get plumbing and heating installation questions…

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Why manifolds using Speedfit Technology are the most reliable and efficient

February 05 2018

Speedfit Technology is well known in the plumbing industry for delivering reliable, leak-proof connections, that make installations easier, quicker and…

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Common underfloor heating mistakes and how to avoid them – while commissioning

February 26 2018

Once installed correctly it’s time to turn on the Underfloor Heating (UFH) system. But very often, even when the right…

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Why homeowners should invest in underfloor heating

March 20 2018

Underfloor heating (UFH) has never been more affordable and attractive to homeowners and renovators. It is hidden away from view, cheaper, and more energy efficient. However, it is often misunderstood and shrouded in mystery.

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The future is plastic push-fit plumbing: How to save time and money during installation

May 31 2018

Installers are traditionally loyal to the plumbing materials they’ve been brought up with. This is especially true of those who…

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Debunking the 4 most common myths about underfloor heating

August 09 2018

More and more people are turning to UFH (Underfloor Heating) to heat their homes in an efficient, cheaper and easier…

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3 essential finishing touches for underfloor heating installations

November 21 2018

Effective underfloor heating (UFH) requires attention to detail. In the final stages of a project, it’s easy to forget the…

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The need for sustainable heating

October 15 2019

With the self-build market on the rise, homeowners are always looking at what to consider when selecting smart heating solutions…

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Zone your home in time for winter

October 29 2019

Building your future family home, or a property to retire in? In our latest blog, we share tips on how…

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What can plumbers learn from electricians?

December 02 2019

As economic, environmental and industry trends drive the built environment, we’re shifting towards a new era of plumbing, but old…

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The best of plumbing – Our favourite projects

December 18 2019

As the year draws to a close, we’ve been thinking about some of our favourite plumbing projects over the years. From palaces to pubs, we’ve seen our fair share of unique installations. Here’s a roundup of our five favourites:

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Simplifying installations for new plumbers

January 20 2020

In the world we live today, time is money and that very well applies to the plumbing industry. Every customer expects jobs to be completed fast and obviously to the best standard.

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Underfloor heating best practices

March 04 2020

It may come as no surprise, but the demand for underfloor heating (UFH) is increasing. According to the ‘Underfloor Heating Market by Component – Global Forecast 2023’ the UFH market is set to reach $4.23 billion by 2023, rising from $2.53 billion in 2016.

So, as plumbing and heating installers, how can you reap the full rewards of this growing trend?

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Weird and wonderful applications of RWC’s push-fit technology

November 12 2020

You may know us for our plumbing and heating solutions within domestic, commercial and public buildings. However, you may not…

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Top tips for a successful underfloor heating installation

November 19 2020

Without a doubt, the popularity of underfloor heating (UFH) is rising. With more and more developers specifying this heating technology…

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Plumbing – a career to shape a better world

December 10 2020

At RWC, we know just how invaluable plumbing and heating engineers are to society, and how fulfilling this career can…

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Five top tips for plumbing and heating installers in 2021

January 21 2021

A new year means we can all try and put 2020 behind us and focus on making 2021 as great…

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Three ways to safeguard against winter plumbing issues

February 04 2021

With winter well underway, and with the UK experiencing the dreaded second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, it is more…

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Leak proof homes part 2: underfloor heating

February 09 2021

With news of the government banning the installation of gas boilers in new homes by 2025, installers and contractors need…

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How to choose the right pipe material for domestic plumbing installations

April 14 2021

When installing pipes in residential spaces, there are different pipe materials available with each having their own benefits and uses….

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5 ways plumbing and heating installers can use social media to grow their business

May 13 2021

For plumbing and heating installers looking to target domestic repairs, maintenance and improvement works, Facebook and Twitter are crucial business…

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Making sure UFH systems run safely and efficiently for years to come

November 05 2021

Underfloor heating (UFH) is incredibly popular with homeowners, providing an effective heating solution in the home during colder months. With…

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Back to the future: Top tips for futureproofing older plumbing and heating systems

December 13 2021

A survey of more than 3,000 UK respondents* found that the amount spent on renovations increased by 36% during the…

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Five training courses to expand your skillset and career

February 25 2022

We’ve all faced plenty of challenges in the last few years – first Brexit, then Covid and most recently a…

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