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Safety first with TMVs

February 11 2020

Water safety is paramount for domestic, commercial and public buildings in the UK, and installers, architects, contractors and specifiers all have a duty of care when it comes to planning new builds. In this blog we discuss the importance of TMVs and how they safeguard the end-users. 

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Say no to backflow – Backflow prevention tips

March 24 2020

Backflow prevention is crucial in both residential and commercial buildings, as it ensures the safety and hygiene of water. When water is contaminated, it can cause several problems, from diseases to plumbing issues. In our latest blog, we talk about how backflow can be prevented to keep our water supplies safe and clean.

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How installers can protect people and the NHS with TMVs

April 17 2020

The coronavirus outbreak, otherwise known as the COVID-19 pandemic, has really brought some unprecedented times with it. Healthcare systems around…

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10 essential plumbing products for emergency repair and maintenance jobs

April 23 2020

As the nation enters unchartered waters with lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic, it is essential that we keep plumbing and heating systems in homes and buildings safe, stable and fully operational during these times.

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Preventing Legionnaires outbreak after lockdown – Part 1

May 12 2020

After the lockdown is lifted it is imperative that plumbing and heating systems are properly flushed to prevent Legionnaires’ Disease.

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Protecting vulnerable people from plumbing and heating risks amidst a crisis

May 18 2020

Plumbing and heating installers must look at how to prevent vulnerable people from common plumbing and heating issues amidst COVID-19.

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Backflow prevention and why it’s important while battling a crisis

May 27 2020

Preventing backflow from contaminating water supplies is vital as we battle to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

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Preventing Legionella outbreak after lockdown – Part 2

June 02 2020

In this blog, we will discuss what is Legionnaires, how it builds in stagnant water and what measures can be taken to prevent an outbreak. You can read the first blog in this series here.

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Enhancing the safety of pressurised hot water cylinders

June 09 2020

Safety considerations for pressurised and unvented hot water systems. Using tempering valves to back up pressure relief and thermal relief valve technology.

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Speeding up plumbing installations in multi-occupancy buildings

June 17 2020

The UK construction industry is undoubtedly one of the sectors that have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. With…

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Fast track domestic plumbing with smarter solutions

July 03 2020

As lockdown continues to ease and the nation gets back to work, many plumbing and heating installers are facing a…

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Prevent Legionella from breeding in dead legs of the pipework

July 29 2020

In this blog, we’ll explain where water can stagnate in commercial systems and measures to prevent legionella from breeding in dead legs of your pipework.

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Modern bathroom installations – what products to use and how to hide pipework

August 06 2020

Plumbers can simplify modern bathroom installations by using innovative pipes, valves and fittings. Find out more.

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Reduce the risk of backflow in commercial buildings with RPZ Valves

August 11 2020

Adequately protecting water supplies from backflow is crucial for the undisrupted operations of commercial and public use buildings. In this…

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Top tips on how to balance commercial hot water systems with TBVs

August 18 2020

Hot water systems are vital to commercial and healthcare buildings as hundreds of people rely on instant hot water, whether…

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Introducing Reliance Valves with JG Speedfit connections – Part 1 the Easifit TMV

October 13 2020

As housing demand continues to rise, people are having to live in smaller and smaller spaces. While house builders and…

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Reliance Valves with JG Speedfit connections – Part 2: 312 Compact PRVs

December 01 2020

At RWC, we are constantly developing new technologies to transform the speed and simplicity of installations. That’s why we have…

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Three top tips on installing PRVs

February 24 2021

The primary purpose of installing a pressure reducing valve (PRV) is to ensure homeowners’ water systems are kept safe, stable…

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Leak Proof Homes Part 4: Expansion Vessels

March 11 2021

With the world increasingly focused on efficiency and the need to meet carbon reduction goals, it’s important to make sure…

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Single or double: Check valves and their applications

April 23 2021

From contaminating water to hazardous situations and major disruptions – backflow in homes is bad news. The good news though…

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Fast Tracking Commercial Plumbing Projects

May 10 2021

With lockdown restrictions gradually easing, there’s plenty to be optimistic about. For plumbing and heating installers and contractors especially, more…

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How to fit and commission Thermal Balancing Valves: a best practice guide

May 26 2021

Thermal Balancing Valves (TBVs) have an important role to play in the commissioning of any commercial hot water system. As…

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A guide to installing the Easifit TMV

June 02 2021

Thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) are vital for keeping people and water supplies safe. They are regulated by law and have…

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Key considerations when installing outside taps

July 08 2021

Five key considerations when installing outside taps   Summer has arrived, which means outside taps and sprinklers will be turned…

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Backflow basics – the regulations you need to know

September 10 2021

Backflow prevention is essential for keeping domestic and commercial water supplies sanitary and safe, as it can lead to serious…

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Why you should install a tempering valve on unvented hot water cylinders

September 23 2021

In larger homes, unvented hot water cylinders are fast becoming, if not already are, the most popular and practical choice…

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Push-fit valves that every installer needs in their toolkit

September 28 2021

Essential Push-fit Valves   As every installer knows, valves are vital to keeping plumbing and heating systems in tip-top condition….

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PRVs – The Secret to Safety in Commercial Builds

October 05 2021

Water pressure is crucial – and not just so you can get all the soapy suds out of your hair…

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Perfect pipes, valves, and fittings for boiler and cylinder installation

October 27 2021

Which products do you need when installing boilers and hot water cylinders into a home? Here’s our guide to the…

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Emergency plumbing callouts – preparing for the unexpected

November 10 2021

Emergency callouts are a common occurrence for heating and plumbing installers, which can often present tricky and unpredictable scenarios. But…

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Back to the future: Top tips for futureproofing older plumbing and heating systems

December 13 2021

A survey of more than 3,000 UK respondents* found that the amount spent on renovations increased by 36% during the…

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Common commercial plumbing health and safety regulations you need to know

December 16 2021

If you didn’t know already, the plumbing and heating industry is going to be quite busy over the next decade….

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Winter is here – How, where and why pipework should be protected

January 11 2022

Now that the winter months are upon us, it’s crucial that pipework is properly protected during the cold months to…

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Energy in the balance: How TBVs can improve energy efficiency

February 10 2022

The UK has some huge targets when it comes to improving energy efficiency, with the government’s plan to achieve net…

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An installers’ guide to choosing TMVs

February 17 2022

Thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) are vital for keeping people and water supplies safe. They are regulated by law and have…

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