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Ten minutes with industry guru… Tim Pollard

October 14 2016

For our second Q&A session, we spoke to Wolseley’s Head of Sustainability, Tim Pollard, and asked him about what he thinks the challenges are for today’s installer market.

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Plastic push-fit plumbing fittings myths

November 11 2016

With the rise of the plastic push-fit, many myths have surfaced over the years about their quality and performance. In this blog post, we find out why you shouldn’t always believe in what you hear when it comes to the plumbing device.

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10 minutes with… Daniel Wilkes and Gary Walker

November 24 2016

Every year, JG Speedfit promotes its Layflat pipe giveaway. In previous years, lucky installers have won prizes including a brand…

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5 reasons your plumbing business should hire an apprentice

March 02 2017

The UK government recently confirmed new reforms to its apprenticeship funding system, making £60 million available to help young people…

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Push-fit fittings aren’t just for plumbing

March 17 2017

Would you be surprised to hear that beer, fibre optic internet and cars are all united through their use of the Push-fit Fittings Speedfit Technology?

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5 health benefits of underfloor heating

May 11 2017

Installers have a responsibility to educate their customers about the positive health-related impact of underfloor heating in their home.

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4 ways automotive drives plastic plumbing

June 20 2017

The plastic plumbing industry owes a lot to this sector, especially when it comes to product quality. If you’re a loyal user of our Speedfit fittings and pipes, the automotive industry is constantly contributing to your reputation for high quality first-fix plumbing installations.

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Efficient planning to avoid common underfloor heating mistakes

August 02 2017

John Guest Speedfit share some common mistakes that could lead to an ineffective Underfloor Heating system performance and how installers can avoid them.

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Part L for installers – good idea to play by the rules?

November 01 2017

By legislating for best practice in heating controls with Part L, energy savings can be maximised which is the purpose of legislation in the first place.

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Water regulations schedule 2.7: What you need to know

April 26 2018

Stop the press! Did you know that breaching WaterSafe regulations is a criminal offence? Offenders may face prosecution and can…

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Joist cabling and plastic pipes – The perfect connection

July 04 2018

When fitting floors above ground level, wooden joists have been extensively used in the past by those in the construction…

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How does the demand for purer water affect plumbers?

July 17 2018

We all know just how much pipework lurks under the kitchen sink. With so many second fix connections to install…

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What are the most unusual applications of John Guest’s Push-Fit Technology?

September 27 2018

Wherever you go around the world, you will find pipes. What is becoming more common however, is the use of…

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What can plumbers learn from electricians?

December 02 2019

As economic, environmental and industry trends drive the built environment, we’re shifting towards a new era of plumbing, but old…

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RWC supporting essential trades during COVID-19

April 06 2020

During times of crisis, even when most people are asked to stay indoors, there are certain services that need to continue running to keep the public safe, healthy and connected. These range from utilities and internet connectivity right through to plumbing and heating and clean water supply. These are essential services and play a critical role in ensuring that the world continues to spin.

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COVID-19: How can installers stay safe?

April 07 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis further develops, it is crucial that installers keep themselves and their customers protected and safe while carrying out essential work on site.

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How installers can protect people and the NHS with TMVs

April 17 2020

The coronavirus outbreak, otherwise known as the COVID-19 pandemic, has really brought some unprecedented times with it. Healthcare systems around…

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10 essential plumbing products for emergency repair and maintenance jobs

April 23 2020

As the nation enters unchartered waters with lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic, it is essential that we keep plumbing and heating systems in homes and buildings safe, stable and fully operational during these times.

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What can installers do at home during COVID-19 lockdown?

May 01 2020

We’ve written a list of some things plumbing and heating installers can do in the comfort of your own home, as we continue to battle through the pandemic.

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Preventing Legionnaires outbreak after lockdown – Part 1

May 12 2020

After the lockdown is lifted it is imperative that plumbing and heating systems are properly flushed to prevent Legionnaires’ Disease.

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Protecting vulnerable people from plumbing and heating risks amidst a crisis

May 18 2020

Plumbing and heating installers must look at how to prevent vulnerable people from common plumbing and heating issues amidst COVID-19.

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Backflow prevention and why it’s important while battling a crisis

May 27 2020

Preventing backflow from contaminating water supplies is vital as we battle to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

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Preventing Legionella outbreak after lockdown – Part 2

June 02 2020

In this blog, we will discuss what is Legionnaires, how it builds in stagnant water and what measures can be taken to prevent an outbreak. You can read the first blog in this series here.

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Speeding up plumbing installations in multi-occupancy buildings

June 17 2020

The UK construction industry is undoubtedly one of the sectors that have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. With…

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Fast track domestic plumbing with smarter solutions

July 03 2020

As lockdown continues to ease and the nation gets back to work, many plumbing and heating installers are facing a…

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Getting plumbing and heating back on track

July 14 2020

Here are some of our top tips on how to carry out work safely on-site, as well as information on the latest regulations that may lead to new opportunities for plumbing and heating installers.

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Prevent Legionella from breeding in dead legs of the pipework

July 29 2020

In this blog, we’ll explain where water can stagnate in commercial systems and measures to prevent legionella from breeding in dead legs of your pipework.

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Top tips on how to balance commercial hot water systems with TBVs

August 18 2020

Hot water systems are vital to commercial and healthcare buildings as hundreds of people rely on instant hot water, whether…

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The RWC COVID-19 plumbing and heating survey

September 03 2020

It has been an extraordinary year. With the coronavirus pandemic affecting businesses across the globe, we’ve been looking at how…

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Weird and wonderful applications of RWC’s push-fit technology

November 12 2020

You may know us for our plumbing and heating solutions within domestic, commercial and public buildings. However, you may not…

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Plumbing – a career to shape a better world

December 10 2020

At RWC, we know just how invaluable plumbing and heating engineers are to society, and how fulfilling this career can…

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Five top tips for plumbing and heating installers in 2021

January 21 2021

A new year means we can all try and put 2020 behind us and focus on making 2021 as great…

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Leak proof plumbing for new builds part 3: plastic push-fit fittings

February 16 2021

Welcome to part 3 of our leak proof plumbing for new builds series, where we’ll be moving onto plumbing the…

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Fast Tracking Commercial Plumbing Projects

May 10 2021

With lockdown restrictions gradually easing, there’s plenty to be optimistic about. For plumbing and heating installers and contractors especially, more…

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5 ways plumbing and heating installers can use social media to grow their business

May 13 2021

For plumbing and heating installers looking to target domestic repairs, maintenance and improvement works, Facebook and Twitter are crucial business…

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Staying happy and healthy on the job: an installers guide

June 09 2021

The effects of COVID have been felt far and wide, with small business owners feeling the strain. Research from insurance…

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Speed up commercial plumbing with SharkBite push-fit

June 28 2021

Time is money, as many of us are aware, and installers working on complex commercial heating and plumbing projects face…

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Spotted – RWC’s John Guest products around the world!

July 29 2021

Widely known for our plumbing and heating solutions within domestic, commercial and public buildings, you may not expect to find…

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Common commercial plumbing health and safety regulations you need to know

December 16 2021

If you didn’t know already, the plumbing and heating industry is going to be quite busy over the next decade….

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Five training courses to expand your skillset and career

February 25 2022

We’ve all faced plenty of challenges in the last few years – first Brexit, then Covid and most recently a…

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